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A weapons expert is reluctantly sent on a mission to a middle-east warzone to locate a lost nuclear warhead and dismantle it before it falls into the wrong hands. But before he can complete his work, he is taken prisoner and thrust into the conflict, and finds himself looking out for more than just the warhead.
***SPOILERS****One of &quot;Fugitive&quot; David Janssen&#39;s most forgettable movies has him playing, very reluctantly, nuclear expert US Air Force Col.Tony Stevens who&#39;s sent on a secret mission by the US Government to disarm a lost nuclear explosive that was lost in the Jordanian desert that was accidentally dropped by a B52 bomber. You can see right away that Janssen or Col. Stevens just doesn&#39;t have his heart in the job he&#39;s ordered to do but luckily for him he turns out to be the only survivor to have lived and tell those in the audience-through a long flash back-who are still awake, by the time the movie ended, about it.<br/><br/>There&#39;s also Janssen&#39;s love interest Isrealie woman soldier, much like the one who plays the latest movie &quot;Wonder Woman&quot;, Let.Liora,Karin Dor, the only survivor of a Palestinian terrorist attack on an Israeli school bus who&#39;s out to find and terminate the PLO commando who staged the brutal attack Commander Malouf played by Israeli actor David Semadar. It&#39;s both Malouf and Janssen or Col. Stevens who&#39;s paths cross in both finding the armed and ready to explode nuclear device with each one trying to take control of it.<br/><br/>****SPOILERS****There&#39;s action galore with the Palestinians and Israelis slugging it out over control of the nuclear device and not for once realizing that their actions can in fact set it off and obliterate the entire cat in the movie. Janssen who at first didn&#39;t want anything to do with the fighting between both sides soon joined the Israelis when his girlfriend Let. Dor got killed in the crossfire by non other then Commander Malouf. In the end with everyone-except Janssen-killed that the object that two sides were fighting for the nuclear explosive was left stranded in the desert just waiting to be found by someone who&#39;ll know better not to fool around with it; knowing what the price- total annihilation-would be. P.S Haphazardly made the movie also known as &quot;Prisoner in the Middle&quot; is one of the very few movies that was released on TV only to be later released in the theaters three years later as &quot;Warhead&quot; which made about as much sense as the movie itself.
This is a film about the nearest, knowledgeable nuclear warhead expert (Janssen), on vacation in the Middle East, where such a bomb is accidentally parachuted. It doesn&#39;t detonate when it lands in the Syrian desert, slightly north of the border with Israel. Janssen is procured to deactivate it. A radical Arab group interrupts Janssen&#39;s mission and claims the weapon as theirs. But a force in pursuit of the Arabs adds further intrigue to the mix. Has Janssen been rescued or simply captured by another faction? Initially he&#39;s regarded suspiciously by the Arab-hunters. But, eventually, the contingent&#39;s leader - dying from wounds - declares that Janssen shall be his successor. With nothing great - but nothing really bad, either - the vote of 5 seemed appropriate for this.

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